Female Bigamist Cons At Least Four Husbands Out Of Dowry

Admin 02 September 2017

A Thai woman has enraged a string of husbands after promising to marry them, collecting the dowry, then disappearing. She has been known to do it four times in the last month.


She was caught out due to the power of Facebook, when men began to realise they had been conned and taken for a ride by the same woman.


The bigamist with the sweet dulcet tones is thought to have earned herself a small fortune with her scam, said to worth hundreds of thousands of baht and gold.


One victim claimed that he met her via social media, towards the end of 2016. The pair chatted on line for months before finally meeting in April, and soon the pair were planning their wedding day. He described her as average looking, had a good personality and was easy to get along with.


His family approved of her and all looked well for a rosy future together.


Then they agreed a 400,000 baht dowry in cash but she wanted 200,000 in gold too and refused to negotiate. The chap had to sell his car to meet her demands.


Later they were married at what he was led to believe was her home, with only seven of her relatives turning up. But looking back, he thinks they were all involved in the scam, were not family at all and that she did not even own the house. It was all an ingenious scheme to defraud him.


The gentleman known as Wichit, took to Facebook to tell his story and soon discovered he was not the only victim. Others came forward and he soon realised the extent of the con and the woman's devious tricks.


Pathum Thani police managed to track her down but she fled before they could press charges.


Source: Thai Visa
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