Eleven-Year-Old Girl Dies When Mother Falls Asleep Driving Motorbike

Admin 04 September 2017

A young girl has died as she attempted to shield her 10-month-old sister when the motorbike she was on crashed.


The accident happened around 06:30 when the mother and her five children were travelling on the bike. The girl who died, was only eleven-years-old and appears to have been carrying the infant in a sling.


When the mother lost control of the vehicle, she shielded the baby but as a result, was killed when her head hit a kerb. The baby received minor injuries.


Inspector Arthit Sriprat of Prachantakham police station, named the girl as Penpicha.


The baby's twin sister was being carried by the mother, the driver of the motorbike. The child is said to be in a critical condition.


Two sons who were seated between the mother and the deceased girl, escaped with minor injuries.


According to the report, the family were heading from Ayutthaya to Sa Kaeo when the accident occurred. Police said the woman fell asleep, whilst driving because she had been riding for a long time.



Source: The Nation
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