Man Runs Naked Through Thailand Airport

Admin 09 January 2018

New Yorker Steve Cho, 27, was waiting for a flight to Incheon, South Korea, when he stripped off in the departures hall at Phuket International Airport.


The crazed holidaymaker terrified onlookers as he ran through the airport throwing his own faeces at staff and public.

He also tore through shops destroying their goods while yelling incoherently on January 4.

Six security guards along with airport staff finally pounced on Steve, of Korean descent, before the airport's tourist police arrested him.

Onlooker Wannee Ming, 28, said: "This was the scariest and most disgusting thing I ever saw at an airport. I stayed away from the man in case he attacked anybody.

"The airport staff tried to make him calm down. They were talking to him but he ignored them. It was very bad. The airport did a good job to control him."

The naked holidaymaker told officers he had ‘’taken too many sex drugs’’ and apologised for the naked outburst. He agreed to pay for any damages.

A statement from Phuket International Airport said that man adimitted "taking too many Viagra drugs".

The statement said: "To control the situation and to prevent any danger that might happen to other passengers, the officers had to arrest the man.

"The officers brought him to the walkway on the north side of the terminal to avoid other passengers and managed to calm him down at the Tourist Centre on the first floor.

'"When he regained his composure he admitted that he took too many Viagra pills and lost consciousness.

"He accepted responsibility to reimburse for any damages that he caused.

"His trip to Incheon was cancelled and he was brought to Saku Police Station for further investigation.

However, we would like to insist that the officers did not harm the man when arresting him and a strict code of conduct was followed.

"All of the security officers are well trained, following international standards, and work alongside local police, tourist police, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the AOT, consuls and embassies."

Steve was taken to the local police station before officers sent him to a nearby hospital for medical checks and a routine psychiatric assessment.

Source The Sun